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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  August 23, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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francisco police officers and stayed the rank oof patrol officer and all 34 years spent working the midnight shift at northern station patrolling the [inaudible] he quitely went about his business every day and never before the commission for disciplinary charges and served the city faithally and left after his wife passed and suddenly fell ill and leechbs his two children. he trained a lot of the officers. he quitely did it. his kids went to school where my kids went. all the tuition was spent on money for private schools. he was a good man and silent leader. it is ironic we do this tonight when the midnight shift would break up. i like to adjourn in officer acrits.
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>> do i is a second? all in favor? we are adjourned. thank you, commissioner mazzucco. [meeting adjourned]
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>> gm and welcome to the san francisco transportation authority i'm scott wiener the chair of the authority board not the vision zero i think accidently flashed but the full transportation authority board mr. clerk commissioner avalos commissioner breed commissioner campos commissioner cohen absent commissioner farrell absent commissioner kim commissioner eric mar absent commissioner peskin commissioner tang absent commissioner lee commissioner yee we have quorum thank you very much item 2. >> item 2 enforce the
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transportation an information slash action item colleagues before us the expenditure plan relate to the half cents state tax at the board of supervisors as you may know we have two different sales tax pending a half cents dedicate to transportation and three quarters cents with a separate charter amendment dedicating funds to transportation also to homeless services and we're here today to discuss the three quarters dedicated half cents tax measure a presentation from staff i see that it commissioner avalos is on the roster so commissioner avalos. >> thank you i'm not sure if staff is presenting their presenting great pr. >> so want to say we have this chair chair wiener two measures
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one of them going to the ballot one that has been introduced by the mayor as the board of supervisors is one half sales tax combined with twaerts sales tax for homeless services this measure is a tax dedicated state of the art half cents sales tax under the jurisdiction of transportation authority with the other measures under the variance jurisdiction that was put-down forward and been in the works for many, many years and all aligned with the city's effort that has stepped up in recent years to make real investments in transportation we have approved a whole bunch of resolutions supporting new buses and have something here at the board of supervisors and whole planning effort around investments and deferred
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maintenance we've not done in many, many years decades perhaps with the rediversion around the transportation a collaborative efforts amongst the board and ta the mayor's office so a lot of credit to go around but we want to make sure something to go forward to give us a chance we're not able to moved on the transportation homeless tax measure this will go forward and we actually are amendments here that have before made to this measure to anywhere the structure of the transportation side of the half cents or the three quarters cent state tax we'll be presenting here today and i'll let staff go through that and lastly my office has been engaged with many people in the transit field especially around transit equity and justice working with the mta as
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well as to create an equity framework how the mta makes decisions on how they serve different neighborhoods and capital is invests in san bruno neighborhoods to make sure that neighborhoods that have traditionally fallen behind on capital investments and the planning for - that's been part of any effort and making sure those two measures can be meaningful to all of san francisco so we'll go to staffs presentation. >> thank you commissioner avalos it's been a pleasure to collaborate with you two ochz working closely for months on the expenditure plan for transportation with our advocates and the mayor's office and mta and transportation
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authority staff and dpw and it's been a broad based collaborative effort with a strong expenditure plan come out of it and i agree the goal to move forward the general sales tax and charter amendment but keeping the three quarters dental expenditure tax measure viable in the event the sales tax don't move forward we'll have a back up it is good we're keeping the various options allowing i'll ask the staff to presents on the expenditure plan. >> thank you chair wiener this will be a shorter presentation to the slides i'll focus on the public engagement over the past since two months the input that was represented and how the input is reflected in the changes as commissioner avalos
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said we want to see introduced to the transportation sales tax measure. >> so for that benefit of those watching only one set of ballot a dental expenditure plans that has 6 different programs i'll go through briefly in a hundred mental illness a year with the voters approval i want to say no requirements that the ta board endorse the sales tax it is listed as an information action item, however, tomorrow is probably the last chance to introduce the amendments to the expenditure plan that the budget committee. >> we're planning to introduce at the budget committee tomorrow to conform the expenditure plan so they'll be identical. >> thank you so here's the 6 categories under
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the first categories is allocated to the mta to administrator with the category of public works to transportation authority administering the other 3 and the same categories in the state tax but the ta will administer the programs this is over last time quick highlights and a shout out to the office of supervisor wiener and commissioner avalos our communication staff have done a tremendous amount of work and alone 12 public meetings within ta and the board of supervisors on the expenditure plans dozens of meeting with key stakeholders and many one-on-one meeting and held a town hall on june 29th that was really short notice we feel that 80 plus paternities were in english and mandrin and
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spanish and ongoing conversations with the technical group that has the property owners with the agency so this is what we heard in 3 categories here on the screen and the first are input you'll likely here with any revenue measure raising taxed is a big deal no matter what the comments around questions about do we need nor revenues on the other hand, other folks recognizing yes revenues particularly local revenue and there was concern not money to do everything we want to do and many people raised concerns about the ballot could be crowded and confusing and makes things difficult to patios i know that chair wiener in piss capacity as mtc
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commissioner at the committee where the committee took actions of support for a whole bunch of transportation measures headed to the ballot one half sales tax if sacking county and contra costa and the park bond and a canopy of bonds measures that included both transportation and housing so a lot of stuff moving forward the second group of comments which were echo by the cacs the vice chair is here can give input a lot of comments about the progressive i don't like the source or how to address that issue similarly a lot of input as asking for more funding for equity and affordability that makes our streets safer for everyone cyclists and pedestrians and support for and content why we are are needing a
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local sales tax to fund the transit and transparency and affordability a show how revenues will go to programs their intent and spent on the right thing. >> so the changes i've cop chair wieners summarizes from the board of supervisors committee the changes that were made are highlighted on the page and most significant ones all those addressing the issues of equity and affordability and sales tax there will be in order here one is there was a slight increase in the revenue forecast for the sales tax that was reflected on the charter amendment in the transportation sales tax that increased the funding between the muni and the affordable to the category amongst things and
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the save and complete streets category it is slightly changing the percentage in table one in your packet a trigger before that allowed bad budget years the mta to convert up to 25 percent of the capital funding for the infrastructure category that cap has been removed the mta can flex up to 100 percent and the last significant change were not to the allocation which has the largest category under certain conditions the board of supervisors with the mayors approval can reallocate to those funds to the other categories two of the triggers has to do with securing other funds for the street where a vehicle license fee in this case, the funds are redirected to the
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other 5 categories the last typewriter trigger it in year 10 with the three quarters of supervisors and the mayor can say there's a reason to take the fund and redirect those to the the categories and last but not least i've mentioned the transparent and affordability input that you saw in the charter amendment with of much more brief adding details and adding requirements at the controller's office conducted periodic audit and others changes in the packet in attachment 3 commissioner avalos said mirrors the changes in the charter keeping it to the parallel of the technical cleans up and typos particular to the transportation sales tax that are in there this is the assault of increasing the revenue forecast and splitting the new money
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towards the transit and affordability and i'm sorry vision zero categories the new percentages reached categories and as i mentioned the 3 triggers in all cases the relocation of the distribution for streets it the same i think that is on the screen the thirty is for affordability and 10 percent to regional tript transit and we'll note you'll see triggers are one time triggers not reversed and lastly a slide for tomorrow's budget and finance whether the changes will be introduced and keep your eye on the times change and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> and as i mentioned the cac vice chair will report on the cac special meeting they considered the same item.
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>> by way of thank sfgovtv charles kremack and nona melkonian for broadcaster today's hearing to commissioner avalos. >> thank you wanted to thank the transportation authority staff for your work and represents an ambitious plan a couple months ago strechd and want to thank for their effort to make this happen and want to acknowledge that we have many, many stakeholders come together on the expenditure plan and we gave a little bit to make sure that we can have the agreement we were able to increase the level of service of the expenditure for transit service and affordability that was a key ask for the transit equity people and especially to be able to have flexibility in our
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budget to continue with free muni for youth and seniors and people with disabilities and there are other places we gave and took. >> and the service has come down as well as to accommodate those convicts all these around the mayor's office to members of the board and different agencies to bring this into a more unified expenditure plan and the mayor's expenditures plan for the other tax amendments and charter before us next week. >> thank you commissioner avalos. >> okay. at this point i'd like to ask peter the vice chair of the transportation authority cac to briefly report out. >> good morning, commissioners i'm peter section 8 the vice chair the transportation authority citizens advisory committee we'll have 4 meetings
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we've discussed the expenditure plan and a number of things have come out of that first a broad support for what this plan turned is it so important we continue to invest in were long run like the subway whatever that project, the m line subways it is conceptual but those are long term and see the expenditure plan to move forward by funding design and research and promoting community involvement also things like caltrain and downtown extension potential peninsula car sharing and value the effort to include the affordability for transit in the expenditure plan with that said, there are a variety of concerns that all of the members of the cac have expressed 2, 3, 4 one way they are concerned about the regressing nature of the sales
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tax given that whether whether or not voters are paying prop b and prop a sales tax and putting one on top of that raise the concerns of equity and the best way to do that a couple of people times up e us to see payroll tax and not feasible but in the long run prop 13 and had concerns the ballot box budgeting and particularly with the charter amendment it is confusing the voters why homeless and transportation are bundled together not to discount the importance but is it possible that option to one of those may jeopardize the other and one of the things as recommend last night amending the trigger that allows muni to
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flex it's capital fund to operation this not recognizing the tensions to shift the money but compulsory nature is the language it shall transfer all portion of the funds kind of puts muni's planner in a bind they must raid the capital fund we recognized back to say something like the agency may transfer up to 50 percent of capital funds the intent to free up some of the money for the coordination but not depleting that the unmet capital funding is really large so anything we take out of out of that if a bad year without a mechanism to restore to the future as i said
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we recommended approving that amendment, however, unable to remedy the overall expenditure plan because of the opposition of the members the cac great. >> thank you and thank you for your work. >> sure. >> okay. at this point commissioner avalos. >> yes. thank you and just one of the reasons there was a push for affordability was because of that concern about the sales tax and we want to be able to offset 3 with something that gives people a sense we'll be more affordable so stabilizing the rates and having free muni for youth and seniors. >> thank you okay. at this point, we'll open up for public comment comment on this item? 2. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. and this is an information slash
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action item we don't have to take action but could a endorse the expenditure plan so i don't know if someone wants to make a motion. >> i've spoken too much this morning no i'll make a motion to approve the expenditure plan for this sales tax. >> okay. is there a second to that seconded by supervisor kim and mr. clerk this is our first vote call the roll. >> on the motion to endorse the proposed transportation expenditure. >> commissioner avalos commissioner breed commissioner campos commissioner cohen commissioner farrell absent commissioner kim commissioner eric mar absent commissioner peskin obtain stain and commissioner
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tang commissioner lee and commissioner yee that is 8 i's and on abstain that motion carries. >> thank you item 3. >> item 3 introduction of new items. >> colleagues, any introductions commissioner avalos is up from before. >> that was from before seeing none, any public comment on introduction of new items seeing none, public comment is closed. this is an information item number 4. >> general public comment. >> any general public comment. >> actually wait if there is any general public comment wait until i complete that statement. >> hello commissioners truly the truth of happiness with the entering collaboration for self-nature once- in accomplishing good works and-
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would be the holy truth for the people and while the political leaders should easy off the schedule and performance more holy works once with the position to a hair level of which i shouldn't of pure happens of holy studies are for true success as well as for former public official works one didn't perform the holy mission of world vascular custodial for all patience and great ham i didn't one is the stay of excellency a nation of kilogram in sight awhile outline patience are accomplished the work without bias a vascular
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custodial is good deeds of a big obviously for the mission and the force of council we must work together to make it to the vitally step to good beyond the global warming and areas in landing on the holy kingdom amen. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. item number 4. >> excuse me - item 5 and adjournment. >> we're adjourned
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